Friday, June 23, 2006

Breakdowns spiralling out of control?
I read an article the other day on recovering horses and horse transport off from motorways. I can not believe the cost incurred. Apparently you are looking at 1. Disrupting the motorways for hours (if unluckly) 2. Incurring a massive bill if you do not have cover - £1200. I think the moral of this story is to take out cover. These prices vary from £67/ annum. The more expensive companies will arrange vets if required, transport horses home and put you up for the night if miles from home. Your horsebox insurance company could advise you on this.

Derby Meeting 29th June - 2nd July. So come on then, who is attending this year? Is anyone competeing in it? Let us know, if your competing then best of luck. Come at visit the team in our big red bus (by the Derby bank). We will be attending every day. Purchase this weeks National Horsemart weekly and recieve entry for 2 adults on Thursday or Friday - bargain at £1.95 + we also have 1000's of horses for sale.