Friday, November 17, 2006

Hello my horsey pals.

What have you all been up to in recent months? Did you buy lasts months National horsemart (November)? Apparently my owner did a write up on reflective gear that was tested on myself. I was greeted one day down the stables with this bright pink rug, noseband cover and leg wraps. It was seriously gay - I felt so camp in it. However, on the plus side it attracted every ones attention! Wow the ladies loved it.

I will be out and about over the winter season so you may see me and my naughty antics at a show near you!

Buy the most recent National horsemart now - it has some great horsey products in there, so get scribbling on your father Christmas wish list!

I have asked for: a Rhinegold New Zealand rug, new travel boots, lots of treats, new owner (not sure that will be possible), filly/ mare calendar and so much more!