Friday, June 22, 2007

Well I am feeling pretty redundant this week after attending no shows the last week. Its all a bit of an anti-climax. Have you seen the weather forecast for this week - perhaps it is a good thing we are attending no shows.

Don't worry though Boris will be out and about again next week for the Hickstead Derby. Fingers crossed the weather is OK? Will any of you be competing or spectating? If competing what are you doing? I would love to do the Derby but I think I would get stage fright! That bank is huge, think I would be better off with all 4 hooves firmly planted on the ground.

If you do see me come up and say hi, give me a pat and get a sticker

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hey guys what have you been up to? Sorry I have not updated you recently, as you can see I have been busy at some of the large horse events. The picture above is of me at the South Of England show on one of the rocking horse displays. To the right is myself with 2 fans and Royal Bath and West show with 2 fans. Below is a picture of myself trying to win a car at the South of England show. What do you think? Would I make a good promotions person?

Did any of you go to the Royal Bath and West show or the South of England show? Did you see our horsemart stand there? Some of the staff were camping at Royal Bath and west for the week, which I understand proved to me quite an amusing few days although also hard work! We had a right mix bag of weather from gales, torrential rain and sunshine/ We would like to thank Tesco's for supplying our team with adequate shelter for the wet, cold nights. Everyone woke up try and cosy ready to start the day.

Our trailer was pitched up opposite the showing rings at Royal Bath and West and opposite the entrance to the main ring at SOE. I only managed to make an appearance on the Friday at Royal Bath and West, as the weather was playing havoc with my coat.

At the South of England show, I managed to make an appearance a couple of times on every day. It was pretty manic, the horsemart team managed to hand out a number of stickers to people that came to say hello to me. I have to say it was rather hot there. My next appearance will be for the Derby meet at Hickstead, so please come along to the horsemart stand to meet the team and also Boris. I will not be around all day but look out for me, I will be the big chestnut horse wearing a white t-shirt that says Boris.

Looking forward to meeting some more of my fans!