Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hello all my friends, how are you? What have you been up to? I can not believe that the ground has now dried out so quickly. It is so not far mum has me on a diet and now the grass growth has slowed right down so I can not top up there. Is anyone else been placed on a diet? It is so not fair, I like my grub. Things are that bad that I actually look forward to my owner arriving in the morning as I know she'll give me some food.

To think just a couple of weeks ago many shows were cancelled, next thing we know our owners will have to stop competing due to the hard ground!

Actually in the terrible case of foot and mouth if it spreads then many shows will have to be cancelled again. It really is not a good year for show centres, I feel so sorry for them and feel many will feel a serious pull on their purse strings. Everyone keep their hooves, paws and fingers crossed that it has been contained.

If foot and mouth is contained and we receive no more torrential rain, what are you guys planning for the next couple of months? Think my mum intends to take me to some sponsored rides, SJ, XC and ODE. I have even heard talk on the yard that I may try my hoof at hunting! Wow that would be great, charging around the open countryside.

Anyway please keep me posted

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hello how are we all? God the weather has been awful, several parties that I was suppose to be attending have been cancelled. Do you think that the Royal International at Hickstead will go ahead for the 5 days? I personally think that if this weather continues then by the end of the show it'll be looking rather waterlogged. I feel so sorry for all those homes etc that have been flooded out and then 1000's of people without power and water

I am hoping to make a personal appearance at the Royal International Horse show - though this will be subject to weather. I hate getting my glossy coat all wet and matted.

Will any of you be attending? Make sure you come over the horsemart stand and try to find me. Pick up one of our goody bags for only £1 and also get a horsemart sticker from me.

If there are any other shows you think that I should attend then please let me know at comments@horsemart.co.uk I will then see what we can do and perhaps arrange a trade stand for there in 2008.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Good afternoon to all my equine mates. How are we all? What have you been up to? Did any of you attend the Hickstead Derby meet? God what a wet few days for our guys on the trade stand and all those poor competitors and horses.

I have attended Hickstead Derby for a number of years and I can never recall it looking like a mud bath. There was some very unhappy looking dogs out there.

I was not in attendance personally due to the wet going really not agreeing with my coat and I was so looking forward to having a go at the bank!

Well I am not making any more appearances now until The Royal International at Hickstead - mind you that is not long now.

I was glad that Geoff won, it was good to see the old boys winning it for the first time.

You must let us know of your stories. If you see the girls out and about in there horsemart tops make sure that you say hello to them

Take care


Friday, June 22, 2007

Well I am feeling pretty redundant this week after attending no shows the last week. Its all a bit of an anti-climax. Have you seen the weather forecast for this week - perhaps it is a good thing we are attending no shows.

Don't worry though Boris will be out and about again next week for the Hickstead Derby. Fingers crossed the weather is OK? Will any of you be competing or spectating? If competing what are you doing? I would love to do the Derby but I think I would get stage fright! That bank is huge, think I would be better off with all 4 hooves firmly planted on the ground.

If you do see me come up and say hi, give me a pat and get a sticker

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hey guys what have you been up to? Sorry I have not updated you recently, as you can see I have been busy at some of the large horse events. The picture above is of me at the South Of England show on one of the rocking horse displays. To the right is myself with 2 fans and Royal Bath and West show with 2 fans. Below is a picture of myself trying to win a car at the South of England show. What do you think? Would I make a good promotions person?

Did any of you go to the Royal Bath and West show or the South of England show? Did you see our horsemart stand there? Some of the staff were camping at Royal Bath and west for the week, which I understand proved to me quite an amusing few days although also hard work! We had a right mix bag of weather from gales, torrential rain and sunshine/ We would like to thank Tesco's for supplying our team with adequate shelter for the wet, cold nights. Everyone woke up try and cosy ready to start the day.

Our trailer was pitched up opposite the showing rings at Royal Bath and West and opposite the entrance to the main ring at SOE. I only managed to make an appearance on the Friday at Royal Bath and West, as the weather was playing havoc with my coat.

At the South of England show, I managed to make an appearance a couple of times on every day. It was pretty manic, the horsemart team managed to hand out a number of stickers to people that came to say hello to me. I have to say it was rather hot there. My next appearance will be for the Derby meet at Hickstead, so please come along to the horsemart stand to meet the team and also Boris. I will not be around all day but look out for me, I will be the big chestnut horse wearing a white t-shirt that says Boris.

Looking forward to meeting some more of my fans!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wow this weather is fantastic, though the ground is a bit firm to play on and the flies are already annoying. At least I can now be turned out daily, catch a few rays, chill with my mates and eat to my hearts content!

What have you guys been up to? I attended my first sponsored ride this weekend. I think we set off around midday and it was scorching, I was already sweating before I had even got off the lorry. There was a huge turnout, it was very well organised and loads of different terrain and jumps. I went with my stable buddy quite early on we had a deep pond type thing to go through. Well my mate was in front and didn't want to get her hooves wet so I simply pushed her up the backside. It was lovely and cooling. It was my 3rd time over solid fences so I was a bit unsure of them at first but after a while I was loving it. My favourite has to be steps and water. I am not keen on ditches or drop fences, though I did jump them after lots of messing around. My rider just kept riding me quietly but forward and I had to give up.

Did you see the Grand National, those fences are massive. I think I will stick to what I know best and not ask to have my name put down for next year.

I believe some of the horsemart team will be attending the first ever horse show at leeds castle this looks like a fun packed weekend. I have been told that I will be attending my first ever ODE that weekend. I have to be honest and say I am quite terrified, that is a long way.

Some of the horsemart team have also just bought some new horses so may be you will see them out and about more at the local shows?

Hope you all have a good one, please keep me updated

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Good afternoon, who would have thought this bank holiday is suppose to be stunning! So what are you all up to for it?

One of my stable friends suffered a bad attack of Laminitis and unfortunately has gone to horsey heaven RIP. Maybe I will find myself a nice filly in his place now? The yard have all gone out today to a XC competition and left me behind as my mum is busy working - some times life sucks.

I also had my nasty annual vaccinations today. I hate needles but I had to look brave as I had an audience. My mum has promised me we will go to a XC competition this Sun, it will be my first XC event. I went XC schooling for the first time a couple of weeks ago. My rider was not very good at telling me where to go so the first couple of fences I went around. Once I was told what to do I had a great time jumping logs, ditches, bounces, steps even in the water. Though when I was asked to jump into the water I insisted on a lead.

I believe that some of the horsemart team are now starting to attend the shows with their trade stands so keep an eye out for them and don't forget to pick up your copy of National horsemart.

I noticed that horsemart shop has now got some great products. The new products are: books, DVD's, Bentley brushes. Check the deals out now

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Good day to you all. Wow what a change int he weather! I can not believe that last week I was out in the sunshine, no rug on and enjoying rolling to remove all that loose coat. This week I am now well rugged up and being attacked by random snow storms.

To all those eventers, how has your event season gone so far. I can not believe they had to cancel Stilemans! Terrible news to hear of the loss of the french rider Amelie Cohen at Fontainebleau in France. The eventing game is a high risk sport as we all know, however we still most look in to providing further safety.

Always keep your safety gear up to the standard and if you have a fall always replace that hat. I know they are fairly expensive to replace, however they do save many from severe brain damage.

Have you found a stallion for your mare this year? stallionsatstud has some great stallions being advertised.

horsemart are doing a special deal this month if you book a double column advert in the magazines they are giving an amazing £10 discount! place your advert now

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Well have we seen an end to this rain? I am fed up of being knee deep in mud and water. Some of the March outdoor events around here have had to be cancelled and I was hoping to do some XC soon.

I think I must have embarrassed my mother this weekend. We attended a eventers challenge at a local RC, the course had loads of scary fences and lots of spooky things. I had been at the show about 2 hours before I went in to my class and I was starving. We jumped the course with 1 refusal at a double. After the 11th fence I was filling hungry, we came around to a corner fence that was also an arrow head. Any way either side of the fence had shrubbery, I went to jump it and then elected last min to stop and have a munch (Well they should not put this temptation in front of me!) After a couple of munches my mum managed to turn me around and approach the jump again. This time I cleared it in style. We did end up getting eliminated at the last fence which involved a scary water tray. Four strides out I had decided there was no way I was getting to hooves wet and put on the brakes.

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Watch out for the horsemart team that will be attending some of the shows in the Spring.

Some of the horsemart team attended a local hunt ball this weekend and had a great time, they are now looking for others to attend. If you know of any horse balls then let us know.

Look forward to hearing from you and I will keep you updated on the horsemart antics

Monday, February 19, 2007

It was great to have a dry weekend for once. My owner managed to give me a jump Sat and then I was turned out for the day. I had a great time and a good rolling session - my owner was not impressed!

What has been happening on horsemart? We have our new retail site (this has been running for 2 months). Keep an eye on this as we will be adding on new products regularly.

Our show directory will be out in this months Regional horsemart, so get your owners to pencil in your show dates now. The eventing season is starting in 2 weeks so it will be full on from there.

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