Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hello all my friends, how are you? What have you been up to? I can not believe that the ground has now dried out so quickly. It is so not far mum has me on a diet and now the grass growth has slowed right down so I can not top up there. Is anyone else been placed on a diet? It is so not fair, I like my grub. Things are that bad that I actually look forward to my owner arriving in the morning as I know she'll give me some food.

To think just a couple of weeks ago many shows were cancelled, next thing we know our owners will have to stop competing due to the hard ground!

Actually in the terrible case of foot and mouth if it spreads then many shows will have to be cancelled again. It really is not a good year for show centres, I feel so sorry for them and feel many will feel a serious pull on their purse strings. Everyone keep their hooves, paws and fingers crossed that it has been contained.

If foot and mouth is contained and we receive no more torrential rain, what are you guys planning for the next couple of months? Think my mum intends to take me to some sponsored rides, SJ, XC and ODE. I have even heard talk on the yard that I may try my hoof at hunting! Wow that would be great, charging around the open countryside.

Anyway please keep me posted

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