Thursday, March 01, 2007

Well have we seen an end to this rain? I am fed up of being knee deep in mud and water. Some of the March outdoor events around here have had to be cancelled and I was hoping to do some XC soon.

I think I must have embarrassed my mother this weekend. We attended a eventers challenge at a local RC, the course had loads of scary fences and lots of spooky things. I had been at the show about 2 hours before I went in to my class and I was starving. We jumped the course with 1 refusal at a double. After the 11th fence I was filling hungry, we came around to a corner fence that was also an arrow head. Any way either side of the fence had shrubbery, I went to jump it and then elected last min to stop and have a munch (Well they should not put this temptation in front of me!) After a couple of munches my mum managed to turn me around and approach the jump again. This time I cleared it in style. We did end up getting eliminated at the last fence which involved a scary water tray. Four strides out I had decided there was no way I was getting to hooves wet and put on the brakes.

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Watch out for the horsemart team that will be attending some of the shows in the Spring.

Some of the horsemart team attended a local hunt ball this weekend and had a great time, they are now looking for others to attend. If you know of any horse balls then let us know.

Look forward to hearing from you and I will keep you updated on the horsemart antics