Thursday, September 21, 2006

Good afternoon,

How are my fellows from the equine world? Can't believe I am being dragged out my stable at like 4am in the morning, plaited up and then off for cubbing meet at 6am - not fair. You don't look like me without my beauty sleep! What is my owner expecting? It was jolly good fun, managed to push another horse in the ditch. Well he was refusing to budge and I wanted to clear it, as soon as I got hold of the bit that was it. Isn't it about who can run the fastest?

Anyone been unfortunate to already have got there first clip? So far I have been enabled to keep my coat -phew, my armpits are always so ticklish and end up getting nicked due to me moving.

Come on then tell me what you have been up to? It has been ages since anyone has replied to me :(