Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hello how are we all? God the weather has been awful, several parties that I was suppose to be attending have been cancelled. Do you think that the Royal International at Hickstead will go ahead for the 5 days? I personally think that if this weather continues then by the end of the show it'll be looking rather waterlogged. I feel so sorry for all those homes etc that have been flooded out and then 1000's of people without power and water

I am hoping to make a personal appearance at the Royal International Horse show - though this will be subject to weather. I hate getting my glossy coat all wet and matted.

Will any of you be attending? Make sure you come over the horsemart stand and try to find me. Pick up one of our goody bags for only £1 and also get a horsemart sticker from me.

If there are any other shows you think that I should attend then please let me know at comments@horsemart.co.uk I will then see what we can do and perhaps arrange a trade stand for there in 2008.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Good afternoon to all my equine mates. How are we all? What have you been up to? Did any of you attend the Hickstead Derby meet? God what a wet few days for our guys on the trade stand and all those poor competitors and horses.

I have attended Hickstead Derby for a number of years and I can never recall it looking like a mud bath. There was some very unhappy looking dogs out there.

I was not in attendance personally due to the wet going really not agreeing with my coat and I was so looking forward to having a go at the bank!

Well I am not making any more appearances now until The Royal International at Hickstead - mind you that is not long now.

I was glad that Geoff won, it was good to see the old boys winning it for the first time.

You must let us know of your stories. If you see the girls out and about in there horsemart tops make sure that you say hello to them

Take care