Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Licence to drive

I went to Hills in Plumpton for an initial trailer assessment and then booked five sessions and my test. During my assessment I was asked to reverse into a cone box - it was clear my reversing skills left a lot to be desired!

In my trailer sessions I was on the road for approx 3.5 hours each day and then 30mins reversing practise. I managed to avoid removing wing mirrors from other vehicles, or taking out any cyclists! It felt weird being a ‘learner’ again after 10 years of driving.
I tended to go a bit wide around vehicles etc at first, but after five intensive days training I was more of a pro. I was given some great tips to help me with my reversing skills and I was soon managing to make a good effort without hitting any cones. However, the day before my test I managed to make so many errors and had to be reminded of my speed on several occasions! My reversing went completely to pot.

Then my test day was upon me. The test was booked for 1pm in sunny Worthing. The weather was perfect with a light breeze and blue skies. I had a big bowl of porridge in the morning to give me strength for the un-hitching and hitching of the trailer (as I can never get the handbrake off). I managed to reverse well, do my emergency stop, and knew where everything was on the engine that regularly needs checking. On the drive I managed to keep to the speed limit, and didn't hit any kerbs or pedestrians – so it was all looking quite positive.
Somehow I managed to pass with only 10 minors (you're allowed 16). So now you’ll see me out and about driving Horsemart’s Ford Ranger with the trailer in tow. Give me a wave if you pass me!

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