Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kelly's in the driving seat at the main arena at RIHS

After training at home for many weeks the Royal International Horse show had arrived. Paddy was washed and plaited ,the harness and carriage were cleaned to perfection. The preparation took hours, including various blisters after shining and cleaning the brass. Early on Sunday morning we left home to take Paddy into the Light Trade class, to enter this class you have to own a traditional working vehcile such as a butchers cart.
Paddy went superbly as it was only his second time in the light Carriers Van.

His individual show consists of a trotting figure of eight, a walk, stand and rein-back . All of the show must be driven in the left hand, this is known as coachmen’s style of driving.

After the intial judging Paddy went into the International arena to be given his prize. Paddy loved the big arena but not the jumps! I think he’s a little way of jumping the king Georges cup.
It was a great day and I think we all truly enjoyed it.