Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Horsemart interviews Dorothy Taylor at OEC Southern Regionals

Oldencraig Equestrian Centre again hosted the British Dressage Summer Regionals on 9th & 10th August.

I went along to see how the weekend went and to meet some of the competitors, judges and of course winners!

The location is fabulous with the International arena and a new indoor and outdoor school the atmosphere is spot on for an event of this calibre, just a real shame about the weather!

The first person I bumped into was Dorothy Taylor riding her own Floriston. She truly is an inspiration to us all, still competing and still determined to get to PSG. Dot was competing elementary and finished a very respectable 7th on 65.73. Dot was also very close to qualifying at Medium with being placed 2nd fives times!!! Got the high scores but just piped at the post! That’s dressage!

I asked Dot a few more questions

So Dot, how long have you been riding.
With a slight blush and a big smile she replies 50 plus years!

How did you start?
I pestered my poor father for 4 years until he gave in and let me start having lessons and finally went and bought me a pony from the market.
Dot continues….
I started with the Pony Club and went on to hunting, show jumping and eventing, I got to intermediate.

When did you focus on Dressage?
After taking a few nasty falls and breaking a few bones I decided to focus on dressage which I have been doing to 25 years now.

Who do you train with?
I train with Paul fielder who is based in Norwich. He comes down to me every 6 – 8 weeks.

Where did you qualify?
I qualified may and June at Hickstead

Tell us a bit about Floriton?
I knew of him and when I heard he was up for sale I had to go. I have had hm for one & half years, he cost me a lot of money but has been worth every penny. He is the perfect horse to finish riding career.

So Dot what’s your goal? When are you going to stop?
I am aiming for PSG and determined to get there!

Good luck Dot – we will keep an eye on you and come and report on your first ride at PSG!