Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Good afternoon we just wanted to warn any advertisers that we have heard someone has received a scam email. Please be wary of any emails that are sent to you that are asking unusual questions and where the English is not always very good.

this is what the 2nd email said:
Thanks for the mail,i am really happy to hear back from you because it really made my day,My dad was from England while my mum is from Netherland,I'm highly greatful you are selling it to me and want you to know that i am buying it for my daughter who has just finished her Doctorate degree and i am buying the car as a present for her.The price Sounds Good too, I really appreciate your prompt reply and i'm glad you are selling to me once again...First,I'm okay with the selling cost and as for the shipping i dont want you to bother about that,I have a shipping company that handles my shipments,All you need do is to keep the car in a safe and good condition... I have a staff associate oweing closed to £5,000 on our last transaction,so i will instruct him to issue it out to you through a Bank Draft drawn from United Kingdom bank.When you get the payment you will deduct your £1470 for the car and extra £200 for the stress and hussle you may go through to cash and wire the remaining funds to my shipper for them to be able to come for the pickup at your location...Also i bought some other things too for my loving daughter and my shipper will be picking them up also, so they will need the remaining funds to enable them come for the pickup....It takes 1 to 2 working days to clear a Bank Draft,so the Bank Draft must clear before pickup can commence.Notify me immediately when you get the funds so i will furnish you with my shipper's information who will be coming for the pickup at your location..HOPE I CAN TRUST YOU....Am sure you can await the payment in the mail, It will be sent to the Information you will provide for me...Full name...Full address...City..State..Zipcode...Country...Phone number... I will appreciate if you can remove the advert and consider it sold to me alone? I will be happy if you can do that today..I will be looking forward to read from you.

And this was the 1st email:

Hello Seller, Am interested in buying your advert which I saw for sale. I'm moved by the advert,which is o.k. for me to buy.I will want you to mail me if it is still for sale and I will like you to email me with your last offering price so as to make plans for the payment.And i will want you to get back to me with the following conditions below: 1, present body condition: 2,Your last offer: 3,The latest pictures,If available : I'll be looking forward to your response. Thanks and Have a Nice day...