Monday, April 14, 2008

Laura's hat

The Men's Confined Race, won by El Viejo and Tom Cannon. Laura and her hat are on the right.

We're attending so many events this season it's getting hard to keep up!

These pics were sent to us on Friday. They were taken at the West Street Tickham point-to-point on 8th March. Horsemart sponsored a couple of races and our lovely Laura went along to enjoy the fun, which was unfortunately not in the sun. It was a good day's racing depite the weather's best efforts to scupper things.

But what we really want to know is, what's up with Laura's hat? Where did her eyes go? How did she see out? Did she, in fact, know where she was, or did she just follow the sound of galloping hooves and hope for the best?

Will we ever know the answers to these questions? It's hard to know. But at least she was toasty. is the UK's leading classified website, with 1000s of horses for sale.

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