Monday, April 14, 2008

SJ gets showy

Gone are the days of boring black or red jackets and stuffy commentators. In a bid to attract a younger audience, showjumping's going trendy, yes trendy.

Jackets will be replaced with polo shirts with the riders' names emblazoned across the back. There'll be loud music to encourage audiences to cheer, shout and generally show their appreciation in an enthusiastic manner, live interviews will thrill the crowds and there'll even be dancing girls in the breaks between events.

There will be nine shows this year featuring the new format, starting at Chester Racecourse on 1st August.

Pictured is Ellen Whitaker, sporting a rather lovely red tailored affair. Being the spring chicken she is (a tender 22), she is fully supporting the sport's new image. She told the Mail on Sunday yesterday: "It sounds fantastic. To be able to compete in front of large, younger crowds who are throwing themselves into the whole event, would be brilliant for the sport in general. I'm completely up for this and it's definitely going to work."

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