Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Horsemart interview at HOYS with John Whitaker

HM - Hello John – Thanks for talking to us. How’s the show going?
JW – Hello. It’s been quite good so far. I have been placed in the top end of the classes I have done, only to be beaten both times by my sons!

HM – Are you all very competitive amongst each other?
JW - Yes we are, [laughs] very! We always try to beat each other. But, we do like to see each other win.

HM – How many horses do you have here this week?
JW – I have three horses here this week, that’s enough!

HM – What are doing today and for the rest of the week?
JW – I have the jump off this afternoon, then Lactic II in the Accumulator and then the Puissance.

HM – Who from the family is in the Puissance?
JW - Me, Michael, William, Ellen and Robert! We are all in.

HM – How do you like HOYS compared to other big internationals?
JW – It’s very good here. It’s really popular with the crowd, which is nice and the atmosphere is great. It’s buzzing.

HM – Was this one of your first big Internationals?
JW – Yes, it’s where it all started for me as a young kid. It was my ambition to qualify and get here so it’s where it all started for me.

HM – What advice would you give to the youngsters out there that want to get to the top?
JW – Well, you have to work hard and if you want it badly enough you will get it – dedication, sweat and a bit luck! I have been lucky finding good horses.

HM – Where do you find your horses?
JW – Just by being in the right place at the right time. I have been lucky with horses. You have to know when to take a chance and then make the most of it.

HM – Which is your favourite horse?
JW - Peppermill is the best – he wins the most! I have to say that he keeps us on the road!

Many thanks John – great to talk to you.