Tuesday, October 21, 2008

horsemart interviews Robert Whitaker at HOYS 2008

Robert Whitaker Numerous wins including Puissance.

HM – So Robert, you are having a great show and that was a great win over the big wall, how do you feel?
RW – It’s great to win that, especially with a full crowd behind you. I won it out right as well, which was good. I’m really, really pleased.

HM – That was your second win of the day?
RW – yes, I won one of the big classes earlier as well so I am having a good day!

HM – The Puissance winner, the big chestnut, has such a big jump. Is he your best horse?
RW – No, he’s not my best horse but certainly my best Puissance horse [laughs].

HM – How do you pick which horses will be good for Puissance?
RW – The owner gave him to me and said ‘he can jump anything’ so I took him, but he wasn’t that great! He had no experience and he couldn’t win any normal classes he was terrible [laughs]! So I took him in the Puissance and he was great, but now he is good in other classes as well.

HM – How old is he?
RW - He is eleven years old.

HM – What sort of training do you do for the Puissance?
RW – I don’t train for this at home – I practised once when I first got him but that was all. I just do normal training with him at home – it seems to work! I think Ben Maher practises a bit but I don’t do anything different.

HM – Do you use the same techniques on all your horses?
RW – No, I use different tactics on different rides. There are all different types.

HM – What else are you doing here this week?
RW – I have the Speed horse class and Grand Prix. I’m riding La Crois and I’m confident – he likes it!

HM – You and all the family seem very relaxed here.
RW – I do like it here, it’s always a great atmosphere. We all feel at home

Good luck – hope you continue to have a successful show.